Becoming a Vendor

You must be at least 18 years or older and reside in the Contiguous United States and Hawaii and have a PayPal account to be a Vendor and sell items on  Any sales, account transactions or registered profiles under the age of 18 and outside of the Contiguous United States and Hawaii are subject to be cancelled, removed or deleted. By using you agree to the Terms and Conditions within this document and the User Agreement below. 

Interested in Becoming a Vendor?

Create an Account fill out the Registration Form and follow the email instructions for verifying your account. Once you have registered, will approve you as a New 3rd Party Vendor(1). *If you are having issues signing up as a vendor, please email customer support at


Listing Fees, Limits, Seller Fees and Commissions 

  1. Listing Fees:            $0, there are no costs for simply adding products to your Store
  2. Listing Limit:            100 listing per Vendor at any one given time
  3. Seller Fee:               $0.30 USD Seller Fee for each Listing Sold
  4. Commission Fee:    5% Commission Fee on Total Bill of Sale for each Listing Sold 


3rd Party Vendors agree to pay any Seller and Commission Fees for any Listings sold through your Store. All 3rd Party Vendor Payouts are made through PayPal and are subject to PayPal’s transaction fees. For more information please visit PayPal’s Help Section for current fee structure and pricing.


Store Setup

You will not be able to sell or receive payouts for any items without first setting up your Store Settings. Here you will be required to set your Logo, Shop Name, Vendor Email and Profile Description.


Payment Setup

In order to get your Payout we need you to provide us with an active PayPal account that is in good standings.

You now have full access to your Products Dashboard, Store Front and you can start listing items immediately. New Vendors may be subject to approval check prior to posting.


Adding Products

You can add products to your Store by simply clicking Sell on the Menu or by going to your Products Dashboard by Adding New. Fill out all required fields, select product category and add product images!


Inventory Management 

When adding new products make sure you select Stock Qty = 1 or select Sold Individually check box, unless otherwise specified in your description. We assume all comic book sales are sold individually as single items.


Free Shipping  

All ComiCache Listings will offer free shipping. We suggest adding shipping charges into the list price of the book to cover any costs you may need to cover for packaging and shipment.


Shipping Liability

3rd Party Vendors take 100% responsibility for items being delivered and shipped securely, and in a timely fashion. ComiCache is not liable for any items lost, damaged or misplaced during the sale and transaction between 3rd Party Vendors shipments and customers. It is expected that shipments be made no less than 7 business days after sale. suggests following our shipping standards, and suggest all 3rd Party Vendors to ship within 1-3 business days after sale for best customer satisfaction.


Product Attributes

You have the choice of adding specific attributes to every item listed including Certification, Condition, Publisher, Restoration, Return Policy, Year Published


Tracking Information

After a sale has been made, navigate to your Sold items under your Profile Tab. 3rd Party Vendors are responsible for providing tracking information when available. Any disputes should be handled directly between the seller and buyer through our private messaging service. takes no responsibility for items being shipped by 3rd Party Vendors.


3rd Party Vendor Payouts

New 3rd Party Vendor payouts are restricted to being held for up to 14 days during the Trial Period.  Trial Period ends 90 days after first successful sale, and a minimum of 5  successful sales during this 90 day period. Early payouts may be accepted 3 days after proof of delivery through tracking system or receipt of order from buyer.

Established 3rd Party Vendors who have made 20 successful sales, and have passed the Trial Period are eligible for weekly payouts. All payouts for Established 3rd Party Vendors will be held a minimum 3 days after proof of delivery.


Minimum Payout 

$20 Minimum Payout

Payouts will be held until 3rd Party accumulates $20 in sales or more to minimize PayPal transaction fees.

All ComiCache payouts will be subject to PayPal’s transaction and commission fees. Final payouts will reflect PayPal’s transaction fees as indicated on their website. For more information please visit PayPal’s Help Section for current fee structure and pricing.


Buyer Protection / Disputes and Claims 

Our primary goal is to protect our buyers through our buyer protection program.

For purchases made through our 3rd Party Vendors, ComiCache will hold customer payments for up to 30 days and/or 3 days upon proof of receipt of delivery. Payouts to Vendors will only be made after proof of receipt of delivery. Large item purchases in excess of $1000, Vendor payouts will be held 3 days minimum after proof of delivery for all Vendors. Any monetary disputes or claims will be handled directly through PayPal merchant services.

ComiCache encourages our Vendors to work with our customers on any disputes or claims in a friendly manner using our private messaging service. Our goal is to develop a strong, healthy community built on established, reputable Vendors with high customer satisfaction. Any 3rd Party Vendors of the community that are determined disruptive, unlawful or dishonest will be immediately removed from the site without hesitation.



Please Read through ComiCache’s User Agreement and Terms before buying, selling or listing any items. By using’s website in any capacity, which include buying, selling, private messaging and other related services you agree to these term and conditions. Terms and Conditions are subject to change. 

 1. Membership Approval: Approval for membership will be conducted on a case-by-case basis through early development of the site as we are looking to have a secure vendor community who’s been both proven and established.

Last Updated: 1/4/2018

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