Marvel Value Stamps

Marvel Value Stamps ran from 1974 to 1976

Series A 1974-1975


Amazing Adventures 23 – Mar 1974


MVS 13 – Dr. Strange

Amazing Adventures 24 – May 1974


MVS 58 – The Mandarin

Amazing Adventures 26 – Sep 1974


MVS 96 – Dr. Octopus

Amazing Adventures 27 – Nov 1974


MVS 22 – Man-Thing

Amazing Adventures 33 – Nov 1975


MVS 52 – Quicksilver

Amazing Spider-Man 130 – Mar 1974


MVS 2 – Hulk

Amazing Spider-Man 131 – Apr 1974


MVS 34 – Mr. Fantastic

Amazing Spider-Man 132MVS 6 – Thor

Amazing Spider-Man 133MVS 66 – General Ross

Amazing Spider-Man 134MVS 3 -Conan

Amazing Spider-Man 135MVS 4 -Thing

Amazing Spider-Man 136MVS 95 – Mole Man

Amazing Spider-Man 137MVS 99 – Sandman

Amazing Spider-Man 138MVS 41 – The Gladiator

Amazing Spider-Man 139MVS 42 – Man-Wolf

Amazing Spider-Man 140MVS 75 – Morbius

Amazing Spider-Man 141Killraven
Amazing Spider-Man 144Volstagg
Amazing Spider-Man 145Galactus
Amazing Spider-Man 146Cyclops
Amazing Spider-Man 147Man-Wolf
Astonishing Tales 23Shanna
Astonishing Tales 24Volstagg
Astonishing Tales 25Son of Satan
Astonishing Tales 26General Ross
Astonishing Tales 27Man-Thing
Astonishing Tales 28Dr. Doom
Avengers 121Dr. Doom
Avengers 122The Vision
Avengers 123Thing
Avengers 124Rhino
Avengers 125Marvel Girl
Avengers 126Mysterio
Avengers 127Dr. Strange
Avengers 128Super Skrull
Avengers 129The Leader
Avengers 130Dr. Octopus
Avengers 131Super Skrull
Avengers 132The Owl
Captain America 171Black Panther
Captain America 172The Enchantress
Captain America 173The Red Ghost
Captain America 174Kraven
Captain America 175The Swordsman
Captain America 176Iron Man
Captain America 177Mephisto
Captain America 178Hammerhead
Captain America 179Quicksilver
Captain America 180The Red Ghost
Captain America 181Mysterio
Captain America 182Ancient One
Captain America 184Electro
Captain America 192
The Rawhide Kid
Captain Marvel 32
Hogun, Balder and Fandral
Captain Marvel 33Thor
Captain Marvel 34The Torch
Captain Marvel 35Spider-Man
Captain Marvel 36The Torch
Captain Marvel 41Hulk
Conan the Barbarian 36Power Man
Conan the Barbarian 37Captain America
Conan the Barbarian 38
The Grey Gargoyle
Conan the Barbarian 39The Lizard
Conan the Barbarian 40Modok
Conan the Barbarian 41Hela
Conan the Barbarian 42The Falcon
Conan the Barbarian 43Medusa
Conan the Barbarian 44The Vision
Conan the Barbarian 49Ghost Rider
Creatures on the Loose 28Iron Man
Creatures on the Loose 29The Watcher
Creatures on the Loose 30Iceman
Creatures on the Loose 31
The Grey Gargoyle
Creatures on the Loose 32Mr. Fantastic
Creatures on the Loose 33The Falcon
Creatures on the Loose 36Kingpin
Daredevil 108Man-Thing
Daredevil 109Quicksilver
Daredevil 110Bucky Barnes
Daredevil 111Super Skrull
Daredevil 112The Sub-Mariner
Daredevil 113Lilith
Daredevil 114Werewolf
Daredevil 115Killraven
Daredevil 116Mole Man
Daredevil 117The Leader
Daredevil 118Hawkeye
Daredevil 120Sandman
Daredevil 127Ghost Rider
Defenders 13Zemo
Defenders 15Captain America
Defenders 16
The Absorbing Man
Defenders 17Brother Voodoo
Defenders 19
The Puppet Master
Defenders 20Modok
Defenders 23The Owl
Doctor Strange 1Sgt. Fury
Doctor Strange 2Dracula
Doctor Strange 3
The Living Mummy
Doctor Strange 4Invisible Girl
Doctor Strange 5Dormammu
Doctor Strange 6The Watcher
Fantastic Four 144Iron Fist
Fantastic Four 145Captain Marvel
Fantastic Four 146Hela
Fantastic Four 147
Mary Jane Watson
Fantastic Four 149The Owl
Fantastic Four 150
The Black Widow
Fantastic Four 151Kull
Fantastic Four 152Sgt. Fury
Fantastic Four 153The Plunderer
Fantastic Four 154Galactus
Fantastic Four 155Shang Chi
Fantastic Four 159Dr. Doom
Fantastic Four 160The Red Skull
Fear 21The Swordsman
Fear 22Odin
Fear 23Zemo
Fear 24Red Sonja
Fear 25Hela
Fear 26Morbius
Fear 31Morbius
Frankenstein 9Son of Satan
Frankenstein 10Marvel Girl
Frankenstein 11Daredevil
Frankenstein 12The Golem
Frankenstein 13Ka-Zar
Frankenstein 14Hercules
Frankenstein 16Captain America
Ghost Rider 5The Falcon
Ghost Rider 6The Stranger
Ghost Rider 7Brother Voodoo
Ghost Rider 8Kraven
Ghost Rider 9Rhino
Ghost Rider 11General Ross
Giant-Size Avengers 3The Gladiator
Giant-Size Creatures 1Mr. Fantastic
Giant-Size Defenders 3Kraven
Giant-Size Dracula 5 (Tomb of)Medusa
Giant-Size Fantastic Four 4Hulk
Giant-Size Man-Thing 3The Swordsman
Giant-Size Man-Thing 4Ancient One
Giant-Size Man-Thing 5Kang
Giant-Size Master of Kung-Fu 3The Vision
Incredible Hulk 174
The Green Goblin
Incredible Hulk 175
The Rawhide Kid
Incredible Hulk 176Cyclops
Incredible Hulk 177Iron Fist
Incredible Hulk 179Shang-Chi
Incredible Hulk 180Cyclops
Incredible Hulk 181Shanna
Incredible Hulk 182The Golem
Incredible Hulk 183Thing
Incredible Hulk 184The Mandarin
Incredible Hulk 186Deathlok
Invaders 1The Watcher
Invaders 3Black Knight
Iron Fist 1Sub-Mariner
Iron Man 67Ghost Rider
Iron Man 68Baron Mordo
Iron Man 69Man-Thing
Iron Man 70Hulk
Iron Man 71Mephisto
Jungle Action 9Modok
Jungle Action 10Red Sonja
Jungle Action 11The Enchantress
Jungle Action 12Captain Marvel
Jungle Action 13Invisible Girl
Ka-Zar 2Hawkeye
Ka-Zar 3Mysterio
Ka-Zar 4Captain Marvel
Ka-Zar 5Volstaag
Ka-Zar 6Black Bolt
Ka-Zar 8Red Sonja
Ka-Zar 10The Lizard
Ka-Zar 12Mole Man
Kull the Destroyer 13Kingpin
Kull the Destroyer 14Loki
Kull the Destroyer 15Man-Wolf
Man-Thing 3Ka-Zar
Man-Thing 4Black Bolt
Man-Thing 5Dragon Man
Man-Thing 6Medusa
Man-Thing 7
Hogun, Balder and Fandral
Man-Thing 8The Watcher
Man-Thing 9
The Grim Reaper
Man-Thing 10
Mary Jane Watson
Man-Thing 11Hawkeye
Man-Thing 13Shanna
Man-Thing 14Sif
Marvel Premiere 15Electro
Marvel Premiere 16The Vision
Marvel Premiere 17The Red Skull
Marvel Premiere 18The Stranger
Marvel Premiere 19Thor
Marvel Premiere 20Kingpin
Marvel Premiere 23
The Black Widow
Marvel Premiere 24The Stranger
Marvel Premiere 25Thor
Marvel Spotlight 14Dracula
Marvel Spotlight 15Kull
Marvel Spotlight 16Dragon Man
Marvel Spotlight 17Mantis
Marvel Spotlight 18Rhino
Marvel Spotlight 19
The Living Mummy
Marvel Spotlight 20Mephisto
Marvel Team-Up 19Hercules
Marvel Team-Up 20The Torch
Marvel Team-Up 21Invisible Girl
Marvel Team-Up 22Byrrah
Marvel Team-Up 23Hawkeye
Marvel Team-Up 24Hercules
Marvel Team-Up 25
J. Jonah Jameson
Marvel Team-Up 26
The Rawhide Kid
Marvel Team-Up 27Son of Satan
Marvel Team-Up 28The Enchantress
Marvel Team-Up 29Deathlok
Marvel Team-Up 30Hammerhead
Marvel Team-Up 33Dr. Doom
Marvel Team-Up 39
J. Jonah Jameson
Marvel Two-in-One 2The Sub-Mariner
Marvel Two-in-One 3Hammerhead
Marvel Two-in-One 4The Leader
Marvel Two-in-One 5Silver Surfer
Marvel Two-in-One 6
The Green Goblin
Marvel Two-in-One 7Mantis
Marvel Two-in-One 12Mantis
Master of Kung-Fu 17
The Grim Reaper
Master of Kung-Fu 18The Plunderer
Master of Kung-Fu 19Deathlok
Master of Kung-Fu 21The Plunderer
Master of Kung-Fu 22Kang
Master of Kung-Fu 23Black Knight
Master of Kung-Fu 24Iron Man
Master of Kung-Fu 25The Gladiator
Master of Kung-Fu 31Lilith
Power Man 18Conan
Power Man 19Sif
Power Man 20Spider-Man
Power Man 21Kingpin
Power Man 23Conan
Power Man 24
The Black Widow
Sgt. Fury 118Silver Surfer
Sgt. Fury 119Kang
Sgt. Fury 120
The Puppet Master
Son of Satan 1Dr. Strange
Strange Tales 173Mantis
Strange Tales 174
The Absorbing Man
Strange Tales 175Power Man
Strange Tales 176Electro
Sub-Mariner 69Brother Voodoo
Sub-Mariner 70
The Puppet Master
Sub-Mariner 71Quicksilver
Sub-Mariner 72Galactus
Supernatural Thrillers 8Ancient One
Supernatural Thrillers 9Baron Mordo
Supernatural Thrillers 11Zemo
Supernatural Thrillers 12Odin
Thor 221Spider-Man
Thor 222The Gladiator
Thor 223Daredevil
Thor 224
J. Jonah Jameson
Thor 225Black Bolt
Thor 226The Mandarin
Thor 227Dormammu
Thor 228Loki
Thor 229Ghost Rider
Thor 231Dragon Man
Thor 232Lilith
Thor 235Sgt. Fury
Thor 237Volstaag
Thor 238Electro
Tomb of Dracula 18Werewolf
Tomb of Dracula 19Mephisto
Tomb of Dracula 20The Leader
Tomb of Dracula 21Dr. Octopus
Tomb of Dracula 22
The Black Widow
Tomb of Dracula 23Black Panther
Tomb of Dracula 24The Vulture
Tomb of Dracula 25Odin
Tomb of Dracula 26Ghost Rider
Tomb of Dracula 27Marvel Girl
Tomb of Dracula 28The Vulture
Tomb of Dracula 29Ghost Rider
Tomb of Dracula 30Sgt. Fury
Tomb of Dracula 31Mantis
Tomb of Dracula 34
J. Jonah Jameson
Tomb of Dracula 35The Stranger
Tomb of Dracula 37Daredevil
Tomb of Dracula 39The Swordsman
War is Hell 11Dracula
War is Hell 13Sgt. Fury
Werewolf by Night 15Morbius
Werewolf by Night 16Iceman
Werewolf by Night 17Sandman
Werewolf by Night 19The Red Ghost
Werewolf by Night 20Black Knight
Werewolf by Night 21The Lizard
Werewolf by Night 22Bucky Barnes
Werewolf by Night 23Silver Surfer
Werewolf by Night 24Captain America
Werewolf by Night 25The Sub-Mariner
Werewolf by Night 26Hawkeye
Werewolf by Night 27Captain Marvel
Worlds Unknown 6Killraven
Worlds Unknown 7The Red Skull
Worlds Unknown 8Morbius

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