Hot Books

1. Marvel Super Heroes 13

– First Appearance of Ms Marvel

– Publisher: Marvel

– Cover Date: March 1968

– Cover Artist: Gene Colon

– Value: $10 – $2,700

– Growth Rate at 10%


With the Captain Marvel movie just around the corner (March 2019) and Ms Marvel being the focus of the film, low grade copies of Carol Danver’s first appearance are fetching around $40 with higher grade copies reaching hundreds of dollars and near mint copies in the thousands. Marvel Super-Heroes 13 has always been a sought after book, well before the Ms Marvel movie announcement, but since the movie news this book has been increasing in value at a steady rate. Finding high grade copies may be difficult due to it’s square binding and dark cover.

2. Giant Size Fantastic Four 4

– First Appearance of Madrox

– Publisher: Marvel

– Cover Date: February 1975

– Cover Artist: John Buscema

– Value: $30 – $350

– Growth Rate at 30%+


In late November, Marvel announced they will be making a new upcoming R-Rated film based on Madrox a.k.a. the Multiple Man, staring James Franco. Not much news has been reported since the original announcement, but copies of Giant Size Fantastic Four 4 have been selling well on eBay for $40 and more depending on the grade. This is a square bound book and has many manufacturing defects that make this book very difficult to find in high grade.

3. The Crow 1

– First Solo Crow Series

– Publisher: Caliber Press

– Cover Date: February 1989

– Cover Artist: James O’Barr

– Value: $60 – $1,200

– Growth Rate at Unknown


Sony film’s announcement of The Crow Reborn, has sparked interest in both Caliber Comics 1 and The Crow 1, as the popular 1990’s comic and film are set to be rebooted in the very near future. Casting announcements have already been made, with Aquaman’s star Jason Momoa staring in the lead role. Sony has yet to announce a release date, but we expect sometime in 2019.

4. War is Hell 9

– First Appearance of Death

– Publisher: Marvel

– Cover Date: October 1974

– Cover Artist: Gil Kane

– Value: $10 – $250

– Growth Rate at Unknown


Mavel’s Avenger’s Infinity War is set to release next summer, and we expect a number of new characters to be introduced to the MCU. One special character is Death, Thano’s love and protagonist who drives him to collect all the infinity gems. Although not announced, we expect to see this character in the upcoming film as she plays an important role in development of the infinity gauntlet. Expect prices to increase as trailers start hitting in Q1 of 2018.


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